David Bowie – V-2 Schneider


1977年発表の第12作アルバム “Heroes" 所収。

V-2 Schneider

(David Bowie)

V-2 Schneider
V-2 Schneider

In 1978 Bowie recalled the meeting in an interview:

“I like them as people very much, Florian in particular. Very dry. When I go to Düsseldorf they take me to cake shops, and we have huge pastries. They wear their suits. A bit like Gilbert and George, actually, God, whatever happened to those two? I used to really like them… When I came over to Europe – cause it was the first tour I ever did of Europe (1976), the last time – I got myself a Mercedes to drive myself around in, cause I still wasn’t flying at that time, and Florian saw it… He said, “What a wonderful car”, and I said, “Yes, it used to belong to some Iranian prince, and he was assassinated and the car went on the market, and I got it for the tour.” And Florian said, “Ja, car always lasts longer.” With him it all has that edge. His whole cold emotion/warm emotion, I responded to that. Folk music of the factories.”



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